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Are you one of the many Americans that use their garage as an extra space for a workshop or added living? If you are, you probably know just how hot temperatures inside your garage can get, especially during the summer. These high temperatures make working in your garage extremely uncomfortable and sometimes downright impossible. Luckily, there are some simple DIY things you can do to keep temperatures down. Keep reading to learn how to cool a garage in the summer. 

How To Cool Your Garage

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to think about installing a cooling system in your garage. It will regulate temperatures and make for a much more comfortable environment. 

  • Garage and Attic Cooler: Although this option costs a few bucks, it’s the most effective. Installing a double-duty garage fan and attic cooler that attaches to your garage roof can reduce the temperature in your garage by up to 20 degrees! 
  • Garage Door Insulation: Most garage doors do not come pre-insulated. But if you’re using your garage for anything other than car storage, insulating your garage doors is a must. Insulating your garage door is something you can do on your own that will lead to more comfortable temperatures inside your garage all year long. 
  • Ventilation: Installing vents or ventilation fans in your garage can dramatically improve temperatures throughout the year. 
  • Garage Fans: Simpler than a ventilation fan, a large shop fan is great for cooling temperatures in your garage. They are more powerful and durable than everyday fans, making them the perfect choice for your garage workshop. 
  • Open A Door or Window: If you’re looking for a simple fix, just open the doors or windows in your garage during the cooler parts of the day. This will allow air to run through the space and clear out any stuffiness. 
  • Paint Your Garage Door: By painting your garage door a lighter color, it will reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it. 
  • Other Quick Fixes: Other simple things you can do to cool your garage include not parking your hot car in your garage, closing doors and windows during the hottest part of the day, and avoiding too much clutter in your garage.

Keeping Your Garage Cool

At Cooly My Garage, we have a variety of top-of-the-line products to cool your garage. They’re all easy to install, highly rated, and made of the high quality  materials. Check out just a few of our awesome garage cooling products:

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