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GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan

(18 customer reviews)


The GF-14 Garage Ventilation Fan keeps your garage and attic cooler. It’s designed to mount in the ceiling of the garage, venting to the attic. The GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan will cool the garage as much as 20 degrees and the attic as much as 40 degrees.

This Garage Fan is easy to install with simple tools and comes with everything you need right out of the box. Any Handyman in your area can install it for you also.

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The original founder, a retired building inspector who was constantly in hot garages and attics set out to come up with a way to cool hot garages in Phoenix. After several prototypes he finally perfected a garage fan that would help people all over the USA keep their garages up to 20 degrees cooler or closer to ambient temperature. Now after many years the GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan is the number one garage fan in the USA with over 10,000 GF-14 Garage Fans installed. The GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan is designed to mount in the ceiling of the garage, venting to the attic and cooing your attic up to 40 degrees.

The GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan moves air into a typical attic relative to the house forcing the super-heated attic air out the attic vents, which may include gable vents, ridge vents, dormer vents, whirley vents, etc. An adjustable thermostat allows homeowners to decide when the GF-14 Series should activate for their particular climate or season.

  • Cools Your Garage & Attic
  • Up to 1350 CFM Air Flow
  • Adjustable Thermostat 90-130 Degrees
  • Fire Damper to Meet Building Code Requirements
  • 60-Watt 1.1A Sealed Motor
  • Easy Installation
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • 10 Year Housing Warranty - 2 Year Motor and Thermostat Warranty
  • Saves Energy
  • 2 Intake Grills, mounting brackets, installation screws, everything is included for installation.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in
GF-14 Garage Fan

DIY with (2) 16X8 Steel Stamped Face Intake Grills, DIY with (2) 16X8 Aluminum Intake Vents with Insect Screen, DIY with (2) 16X8 Double Skin Intake Vents with Insect Screen, DIY with (1) 14×14 Through The Wall Intake Vent with Insect Screen

18 reviews for GF-14 Garage and Attic Fan

  1. ShopDog

    I ordered the GF-14 Garage Fan product I found on Ebay and absolutely love it. Had to call customer service during the install and they were very helpful and extremely courteous.

    Definitely a AAA – 5 Star Rated merchant, I will definitely shop there again.

    ShopDog, Clear Water FL

  2. M Nichols

    Hot Garage + GF14 = Cool Garage

    A friend told me about this GF-14 Garage Fan that he ordered from the internet. I was over at his house and he showed it to me. He closed the door and I was amazed of the air flow that was going through his garage. You could feel it all a crossed it from side to side. I asked him where to purchase one for myself and he directed me to your website. I ordered the fan in installed it. It was quite easy and only took about an hour.

    The GF14 Fan works just like it was designed for. It brings cooler air into a stuffy and hot garage making it much more bearable to work in on weekends which is when I tinker around out there. I also smoke in the garage and it has helped get the smoke out of it. It is a great product and I am happy to refer any one who has a garage to get one.

    – M Nichols
    Salt Lake City UT

  3. C & C Bentley


    We saw the GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler at a recent home show. At the show we made an appointment for the installation. We would have to say that we are totally impressed when the crew showed up on time in uniforms and put the GF-14 fan in with absolutely no clean up. The GF-14 Fan started running right away.

    We noticed that the garage was quite cooler the next day when we came home. Since the garage is cooler we are sure that the attic is cooler. We know that if we can get the attic cooler perhaps we can save some money on our high air conditioning bills.

    – C&C Bentley
    Phoenix AZ

  4. D Nixon

    Hot Garage – Sticky Humidity

    I was searching the internet for a way to cool my garage and I found your website. After a call to your company, I decided to order the GF-14 Garage Fan. The fan came via UPS within about a week and I installed it that following Saturday in our fairly new home with a 3 car garage. The fan went in quite easily following the instructions. Once I wired it to the back of garage door opener outlet and turned on the power it started right up. You can really feel the air flow in the garage! Here in Atlanta the humidity can become quite high. I have noticed with the GF-14 that the garage is much more comfortable by keeping a steady flow of air through it. When I come home from work after driving some 30 miles and pull into the garage I know that the GF-14 Garage Fan is helping cool down my car rather than just building up more heat in my garage. Since the fan exhausts into the attic perhaps the attic is a little cooler too.

    – D Nixon
    Atlanta GA

  5. Mike DR

    Great service and product!

    I’ve been eying the garage ventilation that America’s Best sells for quite some time. Today I called them to inquire about when they could install it. I was asked “how about if we get there in one hour?”

    – WOW. They came when promised, and installed the product as well as garage door installation within a couple of hours or so. The product (GF-14) works amazingly. It pulls air into the garage from outside through some register vents in the garage door. The air is then pushed into the attic, which pushes the hot air in the attic outside through the gable vents. And it works!

    We’re in Arizona, and typically even in the evening, the garage is still incredibly hot. Now, the garage is at ambient temperature of outside. And presumably the AC is getting a break, since it’s cooler in the attic.

    – MikeDR
    Gilbert AZ

  6. Roger (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the results I’m seeing already WOW! I just installed the GF-14 fan 3 days ago and wish I would have done it when my wife and I bought the house in 2005. The fan is high quality and Ray is excellent to ask for professional advice – and it’s made in USA.. AWESOME! I sought the advice of a licensed air condition guy locally here in Florida and he told me to google search for a fan and not to bother with the big box stores for a product like what I was looking for and I discovered coolmygarage.com. I’m very happy, THANK YOU Ray!

    Sarasota, Florida

  7. Dyackel (verified owner)

    The premium aluminum grills install easily and look great. Even my wife, who is fussy about how things look, thinks they look wonderful. I can’t believe the air flow I get now through my garage. Living in Florida we have hot garages all year long. The GF-14 Garage Fan is an awesome product to keep my garage cool. I am looking forward to having a summer that I can enjoy my garage even more. Don Y. Sebastian Florida

  8. JShaw (verified owner)

    I was mistaken when I said, “I can feel a slight breeze.” That was because I was standing next to our car in the garage. The car is in front of the screens in the garage door. BUT today, I back out the cars, closed the garage door and turned on the fan. A tremendous amount of air was coming through the screens in the garage door. When the cars are in, the wind comes under and over that cars and not noticeable when standing a long side. I by passed the thermostat and added a manual timer. It is placed so that when my wife drives in, she gets out of the car and can touch any of the settings. The large button on the bottom of the timer and can be pushed to turn on until turned off. The rest of the buttons have a timer set to them.

    I am extremely happy with your set up and as it starts getting hot, my neighbors will be installing your fan. I have decided that I will be ordering another GF-14 from you. I am kind of like Tim The Tool Man Taylor whose thought was with everything from cars to simple household appliances he wanted “More Power”.

    Another Satisfied Customer!!! JShaw – Menifee CA

  9. Ebritton (verified owner)

    Ray, I’m very pleased with the service and follow-up I received from CoolMyGarage.com.

    Initially, I was undecided between “going solar” and the electric GF-14. However, I chose the GF-14 to make use of the existing garage/attic structure and it’s venting design. After determining that I would need TWO roof mounted solar units, I compared the GF-14 and found it has a superior air flow and will push the hot air out through the attic vents.

    Frankly, it’s a bit late in the season here in Florida to realize any obvious change in garage temperature, but a good, steady air flow tells me that I can look forward to a cooler garage when the weather gets balmy. A neighbor, who had a GF-14 installed last summer, tells me a cooler attic and lower air conditioning costs should coordinate with that also.

    I also ordered the optional aluminum grilles for the garage door and have enclosed pictures to show how they look (Great!).

    Installation was done by a local contractor, and went very quickly and smoothly. All in all a great experience by “America’s Best” . . . which, by the way, is another plus – it’s American Made!

    E. Britton – Ocala, Florida

  10. MTyler (verified owner)

    My husband says the installation was relatively easy to cut the vents into the garage door and the ceiling dry wall. We also had our garage door insulated after the installation of the vents. We also received the upgraded “Aluminum Intake Grilles” and they look great in our garage door and we painted them to match. We would be happy to have you use us as a reference and we surely would recommend your product to our friends and family who suffers from a HOT GARAGE. We are looking forward to having a cooler garage as summer rolls in.

    Thanks – M Tyler The Villages Florida

  11. EHaskel (verified owner)

    I took your advice and confirmed the blades could still turn in my GF-14 Garage Fan.

    So I replaced the thermostat that I ordered from your site and it works great now.

    After almost a decade your GF-14 Garage Fan is still going strong.

    E Haskel – Las Vegas

  12. Cory Cookingham (verified owner)

    The GF-14 works great. My wife’s swim spa is in the garage. During the summertime the garage becomes very hot and raises the swim spa water to uncomfortable temperatures. We live in Colorado and just last week the outside temperature was 14 degrees F. Placing air-intake vents in the garage door would allow cold air in during the winter. The pictures attached show a removal air-intake vent with no modifications to the garage door. The back of the air-intake vent and the panel on the top of the garage door are designed to block being able to look into the garage. The attic over the garage is insulated to keep the garage warm during the winter. The GF-14 is an economical solution to keep are garage cool during the summer months. We are very happy with the GF-14.

    Thanks Again – Cory Cookingham – Fountian CO

  13. Jim (verified owner)

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for manufacturing a fantastic product. I purchased a GF-14 garage fan in September of 2014, since I am in Cleveland Ohio the fan only operated 6 times before the fall temperatures began. This year in May we have had temperatures in the high 80s to 90 for four days. My garage is a three car attached with the attic open through the entire house. I use my garage for many projects and in the past during extreme temperatures I was unable to use it. For many years I have researched ways to cool it down. I even considered AC, which was cost prohibitive. Luckily I stumbled on your web site did some research and for the price I decided to try your fan. I am extremely happy with this product, and in the process I discovered that this fan cools the entire house. The directions for installation were extremely helpful and installation is easy for anyone that is a little handy. I was also impressed that your customer service was available even on Saturday for assistance.
    I would and have recommended this product to anyone that will listen.

    Thanks again

    Jim Lingler

  14. TCal (verified owner)

    Ray, completed install of GF-14 garage/attic fan and door vents. The upgrade to the new vents was a great choice. They look great and the air flow thru them is amazing. I have gotten inquiries as to where I purchased them from my neighbors and friends. I love the way they bring in extra light and air into the garage, with or without the fan running. I found that the garage is at least 10/15 degrees cooler now. The attic is surprisingly cooler with the thermostat set at 105 degrees. I have enclosed pictures of the vents installed and air flow, white paper, that is drawn into the garage with fan running. I have gotten more comfortable with the unit running and cycling ,on/off, since the install, quiet and efficient. Great choice for a cooler garage and attic. Thank You again for your help and suggestions for this purchase.

    Tony Calomino, The Villages, FL.

  15. hgmungle (verified owner)

    Ray, I would like for you to know that the GF-14 Garage Fan you installed has worked tirelessly and moved the air in the garage into the attic area and out the vents in the roof just as you stated it would. The garage door insulation panels were totally installed to reflect the heat as an aid to the GF-14 garage fan. As a direct result of the fan and panels my garage is 15-20 cooler in the summer heat. My electric bill was $367 just prior to your installation of the garage fan and one month later I am happy to say it is $218, now that is some kind of savings that is tangible and I did not change one thing in my efforts to cool my house, except the installation of fan in the garage. Thanks, a very happy customer.

    Henry H. G. Mungle
    Scottsdale AZ

  16. JStew (verified owner)

    We ordered our GF-14 garage fan on April 5, 2016 & received it around 10:00am on April 7, 2016. Wow that was fast!
    We started on the installation right away & we were finished by 3:00pm the same day. Installation was very easy. We appreciate that you included plenty of wire to hook up the fan up to the electrical outlet. Installation is very clean in appearance! (By the way…we are in our mid 60’s)

    We are very excited with your product!!
    Thank you
    Jim & Mary Ann Stewart
    Buckeye AZ

  17. TReynolds (verified owner)


    Attached are some pictures of the install of our GF-14 Garage Fan and attic cooler. After getting home from work today, in Florida at 1pm and the garage being nice and cool without the fan even running it reminded me to send you the pictures. This thing works great. I actually set the thermostat at 90 before installing thinking this thing would be running 24/7 but it would be worth it because my garage is so miserably hot but that is not the case. This is in a new (3 years old) home with insulated block, ceiling and garage door. The insulation works great however it keeps the heat in as well so in the summer and after pulling in two cars and closing the garage door it is just miserable out there. This fan has made a huge difference. You can definitely hear when the fan is on (not inside the house) but that noise brings a smile to my face as I know my garage is cooling off (and my attic too). The installation of the fan was a piece of cake and the included length of Romex worked out just fine for my installation. The vents on the insulated garage door were a little more time consuming as I had to remove the hurricane braces but everything came out nice. All I lack is painting the vents to match the garage door. Everybody that see’s the vents asks if they actually help and then I bring them in the garage and show them the grille on the ceiling and explain to them how it works. It is too early to tell if there are any energy savings with this but I am definitely happy with the results. Thanks,

    T. Reynolds
    Plant City, FL 33567

  18. Bhillman (verified owner)

    I got the wrong size through the wall vent. My house has studs that are 16″ on center leaving a space between of 14.5″ unlike most homes in AZ that have 24″ on center studs. Called them on a Saturday and Ray was able to get an exchange that day.
    The through the wall vent went in easily. I installed it where I already had a smaller vent. I needed a special blade for my circular saw to cut through the stucco. Needed to cut away some duct work type sheet metal to make the hole bigger for the new vent.
    Installed the GF-14 Fan above the vehicle hood area of the center bay (3 car garage). Near the access hatch.
    No significant issues installing the fan.
    Used the garage door opener outlet for power. Had about a foot of extra wire left over.

    I used the black drywall type screws provided to mount the adjustable brackets and the self tapers to secure the fan to the brackets.

    The fan started 20 minutes after I closed the access hatch and has been running ever since. (it’s been very hot – 115 here in AZ). I’ll probably try a bag of ice over the weekend to assure it shuts off and comes back on.

    Get it if you want a cooler garage!!

    – B Hillman Gilbert AZ

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