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Snowed in on Whitehall Drive

Garage Heaters allows your garage to be usable in winter.

With the majority of the northeast a deep freeze and buried in snow, the reality of a frozen garage/workspace is a reality for many of us. This year it’s been a reality for many across the U.S – at one point last week 49 out of the 50 states had snow even us here in […]

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Tools 4 BB

Organizing the Unorganized with Bullet Boards

Does this sound familiar, ”Honey, will you grab me the screwdriver?” My response has typically been in the past, ”Where is it?” If you can imagine that said while giving him a huge sigh. Which is followed by a short response of, “It’s in the toolbox.” Like I should know. Yet that response isn’t specific […]

GA-80KPC Handles Vertical

Util-MATE Garage Storage Authorized Dealer

America’s Bet Home Products is pleased to announce the addition of Utili-MATE Garage Storage Products. BH North America Corporation is a product designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality RTA Furniture and Fitness Equipment. Owned and operated first class 2-million square foot facility in Shanghai ensures consistent high product quality and pricing advantages that other […]


Commercial Shop Fans Now Available

Most fans are designed for homeowners and are marketed to be both useful and decorative. However cooling fans are also very useful in commercial and induatrial settings, where powerful, efficiency, and reliability are often far more important than appearance. Many manufacturers offer fans specifically tailored to commercial and commercial settings. The biggest difference between commercial […]