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With the majority of the northeast a deep freeze and buried in snow, the reality of a frozen garage/workspace is a reality for many of us. This year it’s been a reality for many across the U.S – at one point last week 49 out of the 50 states had snow even us here in AZ, with many being totally engulfed by record snowfalls. It’s been a tough winter already and we’re just half way through it. Those of us who have trudged out to a un-insulated, unheated garage to get some winter rebuilding done know that sub-freezing temperatures + spinning a wrench = no fun. Everything from working with small parts to trying to concentrate can become trying, to say nothing of dealing with lubricants that have frozen solid inside aerosol cans. You can be a tough guy all you want; I can be frustrated enough by the task at hand, that last thing I want to be cursing about is freezing my ass off.

Snowed in on Whitehall Drive


There are of course many solutions to help remedy the problem – from small electric heaters to those powered by propane or kerosene – these can be a godsend when the thermometer spikes in the low-teens the day to get your tank refilled, but I do not. On more than one occasion I’ve run both my main and reserve tanks dry in the middle of a Sunday afternoon after all the refilling stations have closed. On a cold day when you need the heat cranking, this is a major bummer. If you use one of tank swap deals like Blue Rhino, this might not be a big deal since you can just run to the grocery store or gas station, but you’ve still got to interrupt your workflow to get the heat back up and running. The time I get to spend in the shop these days is limited, the last thing I want to be doing is leaving the shop to refill the tank.

There are a huge variety of heating options available, including wood and pellet stoves, ceiling-mounted radiant heaters, portable forced-air units and tank-top sunflower heaters, etc.  What you need depends on the space you are trying to heat and what kind of fuel you prefer.

So the solution – we offer electric garage heaters. We are going to continually expand our range of heaters from ceiling mounted, wall mounted and portable spot heaters for you to heat your garage on those chilly days and freezing nights.

Garage and workshop heaters are manufactured to meet the special heating needs of these harder-to-heat areas because they offer high output heat in large spaces. Garage heaters usually act as spot heaters since the garage isn’t suitable for ambient heating. A garage heater should be mounted or placed (for mobile units) near your work area.