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When you live somewhere that experiences varying temperatures year-round, keeping your garage comfortable for all four seasons should be a top priority. Maintaining a steady temperature in your garage keeps objects stored in your garage and makes it a more comfortable place for you to spend time. So, what’s the key to comfort for all seasons? Garage insulation and ventilation

What Insulation Is Best For An Unheated Garage?

If your garage isn’t heated, insulating it can help to control extreme temperature changes. The most common insulation for garage doors is fiberglass. However, fiberglass insulation is best for heated garages since it’s a significant investment to add insulation into an unheated garage. 

The best option for insulating an unheated garage is garage door insulation. Your garage door is the most vulnerable part of your garage when it comes to heat from outside getting in. That’s why insulating your garage door with reflective insulation is a highly effective way to ensure stable temperatures, especially if your garage is unheated. 

Best Ways To Keep A Garage Comfortable Year-Round

  • Sealed Air Escapes: Whether it’s freezing cold or sweltering hot, unwanted air leaking into your garage can destabilize temperatures and make being inside unbearable. Make sure to seal any places where air can escape into your garage to ensure the most comfortable environment. 
  • Garage Door Insulation:  Insulating your garage is vital in regulating temperatures year-round. You don’t have to insulate every wall, either. Insulating your garage door will significantly change your garage’s internal temperature. 
  • Garage Ventilation: Ventilation is also crucial to maintaining even temperatures throughout the year. Proper ventilation also helps prevent excess moisture build-up from melting ice or snow.
  • Organization: The temperature inside your garage isn’t the only thing that makes it comfortable! Having a clean, organized space will make spending time in your garage much more enjoyable.

Should I Keep My Garage Heated In The Winter?

Turning the heat on during the winter is highly recommended if your garage is heated. Allowing temperature changes to affect your garage is never a good idea. Freezing temperatures can damage your car batteries or cause pipes to freeze and explode. If you are able to heat your garage – or regulate its temperature using ventilation or insulation – you should strongly consider doing so. Check out our other tips on winterizing your garage to learn more. 

Shop Garage Insulation And Ventilation Products

Your garage is an integral part of your home, which makes keeping it well-maintained and functional a top priority. Investing in garage insulation and ventilation will ensure comfort in every season. 

At Cool My Garage, we have products you need to prepare your garage for stable temperatures throughout the year. Our DIY garage door insulation kits, ventilation fans, exhaust vents, and garage fans are just some of the products customers across the nation use every day to make their garages more comfortable. If you’re ready to invest in your garage, visit our shop today.