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Summer is fast approaching, and now is the time to get your garage organized and cooled down. You need to organize and cool your garage so that you can find things quickly and keep everything in your garage safe from the harsh temperatures of the summer. Get your garage ready for summer now so that you can enjoy the next few months to the maximum!

How Do I Organize My Garage Like a Pro?

You need to maximize space if you’re looking to organize your garage like a pro. That means creating smart storage and using the walls and ceiling to keep things stored. You also need to understand that organizing your garage won’t be a quick process. You’ll need to set aside at least an entire weekend to get the job done. But once it is clean, it’ll be well worth the hard work. 

7 Tips For Summer Garage Organization

  • Bins: Keep things looking clean and tidy by storing different garage objects in bins. We recommend clear bins so that you can see what’s inside, but any sturdy bin will do. 
  • Labels: Even if you’re not putting things into boxes or bins, using labels will completely change your organization game. Labels mean that everything has a place to go. They also make it easy to find things and easy to store. They’re an absolute must. 
  • Shelving: Use shelving to store things like bins, boxes, large equipment, and more. They’ll keep things off the ground and free up space in your garage. 
  • Clean: When’s the last time someone cleaned your garage? Even if you only use it for storage, cleaning your garage once or twice a year is an excellent way to maintain its condition. A good garage vacuum is perfect for the job. 
  • Hooks: Maximize your garage’s space by storing objects on wall-mounted hooks. You can also install hooks on your ceiling for even more storage. Just make sure you can reach everything! 
  • Cool it down: Nobody likes a stuffy and hot garage, especially in the summer when temperatures and humidity reach an all-time high. Prepare your garage for summer by investing in a top-of-the-line garage and attic cooling fan. It will regulate temperatures in your garage and keep it cool all summer long.

Shop The GF-14 Garage And Attic Cooling Fan

Get your garage ready for the hot temperatures of summertime with the GF-14 Garage and Attic Cooling Fan. It is a most effective way to maintain cool temperatures in your garage. The fan easily mounts on your garage ceiling to provide temperatures up to 20 degrees cooler. 

At Cool My Garage, we have several top-of-the-line products that help keep your garage cool. Check out our shop today for everything you need to properly ventilate your garage today.