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Summer is heating up, which means your garage workspace might be too. These high temperatures can make working or spending time in your garage uncomfortable or even impossible. After all, no one likes to feel hot and sweaty when working on a project.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can cool your garage for the summer. 

Why is My Garage Hotter than Outside?

It might not make sense why it’s hotter in your garage than it is outside. But, this is actually very common, especially in garages that aren’t insulated or lack airflow. Garages that don’t have insulation absorb all the heat from outside. That means that when temperatures are high, your garage takes all that heat in. At night when it cools down outside, your garage still holds the heat inside because there’s no airflow for it to escape. 

How Can I Make My Garage Cooler for Summer?

The easiest thing you can do to make your garage cool for summer is to increase airflow in your garage by opening the doors and windows. It’s best to do this at night when temperatures outside have fallen. That way, you can let the cool air in and get rid of all the hot air. To really get your garage ready for summer, consider investing in high-quality garage cooling products like fans, insulation, and vents. 

What is the Most Efficient Way to Cool a Garage?

The most efficient way to cool a garage is with a dual garage and attic fan like the GF-14 garage fan and attic cooler. These highly effective ventilation fans work to keep your garage and attic cooler. They can help cool your attic by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a great option for cooling down your garage this summer. 

Ways to Cool A Garage in Summer

You’ll need to invest in some garage cooling products if you’re looking for ways to cool your garage for summer by doing more than just opening a door or window. Here are some of the most effective tools to cool a garage in summer. 

    • Garage Fans: Garage fans are better than everyday fans because they are more powerful and last longer. A large garage fan is an excellent way to keep your garage cool as it improves airflow. 
  • Garage Door Insulation: Most garage doors (and garages) aren’t insulated. But, if you plan to use your garage for something other than parking your car, you need to insulate the garage door. Doing so will lead to more stable, comfortable temperatures throughout the year.
  • Ventilation: Installing vents or ventilation fans in your garage can dramatically improve temperatures throughout the year by improving airflow. 
  • Garage Fan and Attic Cooler: This is the most effective way to cool your garage. Installing a double-duty garage fan and attic cooler that attaches to your garage roof will dramatically reduce the temperature in your garage.  

Shop the GF-14 and Other Garage Cooling Products

If you want to cool your garage  for summer, now is the time to take action. At Cool My Garage, we have several top-of-the-line options to help you cool your garage, including vents, garage fans, DIY garage door insulation kits, and the top-rated GF-14 Garage Fan & Attic Cooler. Additionally, your garage can be cooled with the GFT-16 and GFT-18 through the wall garage fans.  Check out our shop today and get everything you need to cool your garage for the summer.