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Are you sweating too much in your garage gym? A stuffy garage is the last place you’ll want to work out. If you have a gym set up in your garage, you need to take the right steps to keep it cool during the summer months. Luckily, learning how to cool a garage gym is easy, and there are many ways to do it. Some solutions are simple, while others are more costly and effective. 

Is A Garage Too Hot for a Gym? 

A garage that isn’t adequately equipped to maintain steady temperatures all year may get too hot for a gym, especially during the summer months. That’s because most garages are missing two important things: insulation and ventilation. Insulation will protect your garage from completely absorbing outdoor temperature while ventilation provides airflow. Your garage can easily overheat without these essential components, making exercise uncomfortable. 

Is There A Way To Cool A Garage? 

If you’re planning on turning your garage into a gym, it’s easier to take steps to keep it cool now. Here are some things you can do to cool down your garage: 

    • Open A Door or Window: This is an easy, quick fix. Open your garage doors or windows during the cooler parts of the day so that air can run through the space and clear out any stuffiness. 
    • Garage Fans: A large garage fan is excellent for keeping things cool in your garage, especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t get very hot. Garage fans are more powerful and durable than everyday fans.
  • Garage Door Insulation: Most garage doors aren’t insulated. But if you’re using your garage for anything other than car storage, insulating your garage doors is a must. It leads to an even, comfortable temperature throughout the year.
  • Install Ventilation: Installing vents or ventilation fans in your garage can dramatically improve temperatures throughout the year by improving airflow. 
  • Garage Fan and Attic Cooler: This is the most effective way to cool your garage. Installing a double-duty garage fan and attic cooler that attaches to your garage roof can reduce the temperature in your garage by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Do You Need A Dehumidifier For A Garage Gym? 

A garage with no ventilation, insulation, or fans can get extremely humid. If you live in a humid climate and notice humidity in your garage gym, you should get a dehumidifier. But, if you’ve taken some of the steps we’ve suggested above, you can drastically reduce your need for a dehumidifier. 

How Much Would It Cost To Turn A Garage Into A Gym?

Turning your garage into a gym can be costly or inexpensive, depending on the state and size of your garage and the equipment you want to put into your gym. A simple gym in a small garage with one or two pieces of equipment and some weights will cost less than turning your two-car garage into a state-of-the-art facility. 

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