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Is this the year you plan on transforming that cluttered, dirty space you call a garage into a functional, comfortable space? If you are wondering where to begin, check out these common-sense tips and the latest trends in design ideas for garage renovations in 2022.

The Trends In Garage Design

Let’s begin with the end in mind. You need to know what you want out of the space and how you will use it. Traditionally, garages have been homes to tools for woodworking and simple home repairs. There is nothing wrong with that, but COVID has changed the way people work and has occasionally resulted in people discovering their true calling. You’ll see what we mean in this list of the top 5 trends for garage renovations:

  • Art Studio. Remote working and flexible schedules have given us more “free” time at home. Having a dedicated, properly equipped space for persons passionate about painting, sculpting, or crafting is downright inspiring. 
  • At-Home Autobody Shop. If you enjoy turning wrenches on your daily ride, project car, or restoring your American classic, having the space you need and all the tools in one place allow you to enjoy your hobby thoroughly.
  • Home Office. Tired of working from that little desk in the corner of your bedroom? Ready to find a better workspace than the dining room table? With not too much effort, you can transform your garage into a nicer office than you ever had at work. Having a separate space dedicated to work allows you to better organize and conduct Zoom conferences with no pants free of family members wandering in. Seriously, you’ll be more productive.
  • Woodworking Shop. Of course woodworking. That was the plan for garages if the automobile thing didn’t work out. Whether you are building your own furniture or crafting smaller decorative pieces, a well-equipped woodworking space will make a difference in the quality of your work and time.
  • Music Studio. We are not talking garage band arena here. It is possible to set up a commercial-grade studio in your garage with today’s digital equipment. If you don’t want to take it that far, imagine how much peace in the family you will bring by practicing your passion in your own acoustic space.

The Basics Of Garage Design

No matter what you use your garage for, or if you use part of it or all of it, there are some basic considerations to keep in mind when developing your design.

  • Ventilation and Climate Control. Unless you plan on hiring a contractor to do expensive HVAC work, you need to think about what you can use to ventilate and protect the space from extreme temperatures. Several garage fan systems are designed to get air moving and cool down the space. Insulated windows and garage doors will go a long way in controlling both heat and cold and minimizing humidity. 
  • A Livable Floor. Gray concrete is not a particularly welcoming floor material, and it stains easily and cracks. Covering it or replacing it will give your garage an un-garage=like appearance. Indoor-outdoor carpet is an inexpensive solution, but putting down an epoxy floor transforms the appearance and may add to the property value. Easy to clean, hard to stain, will not crack if you drop a heavy tool on it, and if you choose white epoxy, your floor will brighten up an otherwise dark space.
  • Loft Storage. If your garage has a peaked roof, you have the bones for a loft storage space. Taking that space above your head and turning it into storage is a no-brainer.

You can create a space that will fit your needs from these three basics. You can go with basics like custom shelving to a completely finished look by installing insulation and wallboard.

When it comes to ventilation, Cool My Garage has a wide range of garage products, including the GF-14, America’s leading garage fan. So be sure to check out our inventory before you start designing your dream garage.