Rake Storage Rack


With our Rake Rack, you’ll be able to store 12 to 20 rakes conveniently in one location.

The Rake Rack includes:
2 – Single Bar Brackets
1 – 35″ Monkey Bar
1 – 12″ Hook
2 – 5″ Double Hooks
1 – Hardware Bag


The Rake Storage Rack by Monkey Bars allows you to store all your rakes in an orderly and efficient manner. The rake rack is not limited to one type of rake so you can store all sizes and shapes.

Store up to 20 rakes in one spot with our Rake Rack and create more space in your tool shed, garage, or trailer. Thanks to the innovative design of the rubber-coated hooks, this rake rack is capable of storing any type of rake. From large leaf rakes to smaller garden rakes, you can count on this powder-coated steel rack to securely store all of your rakes.

The Rake Storage Rack by Monkey Bars allows you to store your rakes with ease because of the versatility in the size of hooks and the space the rack creates. Installing the Rake Storage Rack is easy–only 4 screws into 2 studs 48” apart, and you’re finished. The rake rack is perfect for the garage, shed, barn, utility trailer, or commercial business.

Product Features:
• Installs in 15 min.
• Steel Components are powder coated
• Holds 12-20 Rakes
• Hooks slide on bar for easy adaptability
• Lifetime Warranty