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Buyer Satisfaction / Limited Product Warranty

A. Total Buyer Satisfaction. America’s Best Home Products, L. C. (“ABHP”) guarantees Total Buyer Satisfaction. If, at any time you are not completely satisfied with any ABHP product, ABHP will repair, replace or exchange it at no charge, except as otherwise provided in this Limited Warranty. The associates of ABHP strive to provide superior, unmatched buyer service. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with any ABHP product for any reason, consult a ABHP  or local representative/distributor to discuss your situation.

B. Purchase Price Refund/Limited Warranty. ABHP warrants to the original purchaser (the “Buyer”) that, unless otherwise expressly specified in writing by an ABHP officer, all ABHP products shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from date of original purchase (see warranty). In furtherance of ABHP’s commitment to Total Buyer Satisfaction, ABHP will, for a period of one (1) month = (30) days from date of original purchase, refund 100% of the buyer’s purchase price on any product that has not been installed.  All returns will incur a 25% restocking charge. No returns accepted on any product that has been installed.

C. Extended Labor Warranty. In furtherance of ABHP’s commitment to Total Buyer Satisfaction, ABHP offers an extended parts and labor warranty of two (2) years on all GF Fan products calibrated or certified by a factory technician at any time or from time-to-time during the first two (2) years of the product life from date of manufacture. The buyer’s sole remedy pursuant to this extended warranty is to receive free labor for any repairs required during the period in which the extended warranty is effective. This extended labor warranty is subject to the limitations as outlined in Paragraph J.

D. Service & Repair Limited Warranty. In addition to the limited warranties set forth above, ABHP offers a 90-day parts and labor limited warranty for all repair work performed at the factory. This warranty is limited to parts repaired or replaced at the factory by ABHP. This warranty is also subject to the limitations as outlined in Paragraph J.

C. Return Shipping Charges. The buyer will return the product freight prepaid by the Buyer to an authorized service center. The product will be returned to the buyer freight prepaid by ABHP.

D. Products Manufactured by Others. This Limited Warranty does not cover any products manufactured by others. Such products are subject to their warranty, if any, of their respective manufacturers, and to be repaired only by a respective authorized service person for such products. ABHP shall have no obligation to undertake repairs of products manufactured by others.

E. No special, incidental or consequential damages. ABHP’s sole obligations under this limited warranty are set forth above in paragraphs a, b, c and d. In no event shall ABHP (its contractors or suppliers) be liable to the buyer for any lost profits, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether based on contract, in tort or any other legal theory. Such damages for which ABHP shall not be responsible include, but are not limited to, lost time and convenience, loss of use of the product, the cost of a product rental, costs of gasoline, telephone, travel or lodging, the loss of personal or commercial property, and the loss of revenue. Some states do not permit the limitation or disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages may not apply to certain purchasers.

F. No liability in excess of purchase price. In no event shall ABHP’s obligations under this limited warranty or any other claims exceed the purchase price of the product plus any shipping charges that ABHP may be obligated to pay pursuant to paragraph c above.

G. No extension of statute of limitations. Any repairs performed under this limited warranty shall not in any way extend the statutes of limitations for claims under this limited warranty.

H. Waiver of other warranties. The express warranties set forth in this limited warranty are in lieu of and exclude any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Some states do not permit the disclaimer of implied warranties. Therefore, the above disclaimer of implied warranties may not apply to certain purchasers.

I. Procedure for Warranty Performance. If the product fails to perform to ABHP’s specifications, the Buyer must provide ABHP with the applicable model and serial numbers, the date of installation/purchase, and the nature of the problem on ABHP website.

J. Additional exclusions from this limited warranty. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this limited warranty, this limited warranty does not cover any of the following:

  1. Equipment that has been abused, damaged, used beyond rated capacity, or repaired by persons other than authorized service personnel.

  2. Damage caused by acts of god that include, but are not limited to, hailstorms, windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods and earthquakes.

  3. Damage under conditions caused by fire or accident, by abuse or by negligence of the user or any other person other than ABHP, by improper installation, by misuse, by incorrect operation, by “normal wear and tear”, by improper adjustment or alteration, by alterations not completed by authorized service personnel, or by failure of products parts from such alterations.

  4. Costs of repairing damage caused by poor or improper maintenance or unauthorized repair.

  5. Costs of modifying the product in any way once delivered to the buyer, even if such modifications were added as a production change on other products made after the buyer’s product was built.

  6. No return of any product that have been installed.

Authority to Alter This Limited Warranty. No agent, representative, distributor, or authorized dealer of ABHP has any authority to alter the terms of this Limited Warranty in any way. This Limited Warranty may be altered only in a writing signed by an authorized officer of ABHP.

K. Jusisdiction. Any action brought against ABHP for warranty issues or any other reason shall be solely governed by the state of Arizona.

L. Collections. If the event arises that ABHP has not been paid through no fault of it’s own due to charge back, reversal of credit card or any other event where ABHP has not been paid. the Customer agrees to pay all collection charges in addition to the total  amount of product ordered including shipping charges.

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