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The clocks have changed, and it’s time for spring cleaning in the garage! This is the year to make your garage everything you want it to be. After all, clean and organized spaces make for less stress and better functionality. Being in a tidy, organized area feels good and much more inspiring. Spring cleaning starts with a plan, cleanup, and organizing and ends with your ideal garage.

Here is our 2023 garage spring cleaning checklist to help you make that happen.

2023 Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist 

  • Start With The Walkthrough This is crucial for creating your cleaning and organizing plan. Determine what needs to go and what needs organizing. With this method, you can prioritize and plan where your most essential items will end up for the most accessibility.
  • Get InspiredSearch online for inspiration or check out your best friend’s garage for how you want it to look and find the best solutions to your most significant issues.
  • Find Your Tools – Not the tools you always have in the garage, we mean the tools you’ve been needing for your projects. List everything you need from extra strength garbage bags, to storage bins, to pegboard. Have them available as needed.
  • Focus Up – Most garages have limited space and need to fill multiple functions, so going “up” and adding storage on the walls and ceilings can maximize that space. 
  • Look Forward & Down – Look forward to how great it will feel to have the space exactly as you want it. In other words, visualize your perfect garage so you have a mental plan and look down because you want to see plenty of floor space when you are done. Having plenty of floor space is what makes your garage truly functional. Maybe you need the space for a new tool chest, a new car, or a special project. Whatever you want, make sure there is space for it and keep the space clutter-free.
  • Set The Date And Get It Done – This sounds obvious. If you set a hard deadline, it is more likely to be done.
  • Enjoy Your Fresh Space – Nothing feels better than a freshly cleared and cleaned space. It just sets the tone for your projects and we tend to be more productive in a fresh and comfortable space. 

Keeping Your Garage Clean

If you started with the walkthrough, then hopefully you have landed where keeping your garage clean is as simple as putting things away immediately after use and using your garage vac or a pushbroom once in a while. Once items are organized and tidy, they are much easier to keep that way by restoring order immediately. 


Now that your garage is shiny and bright, you’ll probably be spending more time there.  Next, you might consider cooling your garage for comfort and safety. The good news is you can cool it down with our fans and attic coolers through summer.. Learn more and shop our top of the line cooling products right away to maximize your efforts and enjoy your fresh space.