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An attractive garage can be the deciding factor for home buyers, which is why investing in your garage before selling your home might be a smart idea, especially if you want to increase its value. Wondering how to make your garage more attractive to homebuyers? Keep reading for some of our favorite garage update ideas. 

Garage Update Ideas For Resale

  • Finish Your Garage. Finishing your garage can add significant value to your home. It doesn’t mean you need to convert your garage into a livable room. Adding drywall, paint, and fixing the floors can be enough to present a clean, attractive space.
  • Convert to a Living Space. One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to convert it into a room. Transforming your garage into a living space adds square footage to your house, which will increase its resale value.
  • Temperature Control. Outdoor temperatures vary greatly throughout the year. Such drastic changes in temperature can affect your garage. By controlling the temperature in your garage, you’ll make it more comfortable to spend time in. The best way to control the temperature in your garage is to install a dual garage fan and attic cooler like the GF-14. 
  • Insulation. You can also control the temperature in your garage by insulating your garage door. Insulation not only protects your garage from the cold, but it also helps to maintain internal temperatures during the hot summer months. 
  • Smart Storage. Getting smart with your garage storage will work wonders in improving your home’s resale value. Make permanent changes to your garage’s storage space by implementing wall hooks and shelving.
  • Garage Door Makeover. Homebuyers place huge importance on curb appeal. In fact,  homes with better curb appeal sell for 7% more. That’s why giving your garage door an exterior makeover will increase the resale value of your home, especially if it’s a bit of an eyesore right now. 
  • Good lighting. No one likes wandering through their garage in the dark with the possibility of running into things. Install good lighting in your garage so that it’s easy to see and move around. Motion-sensitive lighting will add even more value. 

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