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Did your garage get away from you? Life happens, and stress levels are high for everyone. With so many other concerns, it’s easy for your garage to get away from you. But reclaiming your garage as a usable space can bring peace of mind – and knock one thing off your stress list. Read our tips for how to clean your garage when you’re overwhelmed to get your garage back in no time.

Why Do Garages Get So Cluttered?

Garages get cluttered because there is an easy place to store items and forget about them. We don’t frequently use our garages unless we’re parking our cars in them. Even then, it’s a quick in and out, making it easy to ignore clutter as it builds up. 

Another reason garages get so cluttered is because of inefficient storage systems. Most homeowners don’t put effort into implementing quality garage storage, leading to clutter down the line.

What Is The Fastest Way To Clean A Garage?

There’s no trick that will help you clean your garage in record time, but there are things you can do to make the process more efficient. The best way to declutter a garage is to start small. Dedicate some time each day to cleaning out and organizing different areas of your garage. If you want to knock out the entire project in one weekend, focus on different areas at a time and take plenty of breaks to keep your spirits high. 

5 Tips For Removing Clutter From A Garage

These five tips will help you get started on removing clutter from your garage. 

  • Break it Down. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you want is a stressful decluttering process. Break your garage cleaning plan down into small tasks or periods of time to make the project more manageable. 
  • Remove Unused Items. The first thing you can do is to remove clutter from your garage and get rid of unused items. Avoid sentimentality during this stage, and – focus on the realistic possibility that you’ll use the item in the future. 
  • What Not to Store in Your Garage. You may be keeping some objects in your garage that shouldn’t be there. Paint, electronics, propane tanks, and more can be damaged if stored in a garage, so you should move them to a different location. 
  • Install Efficient Storage. One of the main reasons garages get cluttered is inefficient storage. By installing efficient storage solutions in your garage (like shelves, bins, wall hooks, and more), you can prevent clutter in the future. 
  • Seasonal Cleaning. Decluttering your garage is a massive task, especially if things have gotten away from you. To stay on top of your hard work once it’s done, plan to check in on your garage and do some minimal cleaning every season. Doing this will prevent more overwhelming clutter later on. 

The Next Step to Garage Happiness: Ventilation

Once you’ve finished decluttering your garage, take advantage of the clean space to install garage ventilation and cooling. Quality ventilation and cooling in your garage help to regulate indoor temperatures and protect your garage from harsh weather conditions. 

At Cool My Garage, we have several top-of-the-line products that help ventilate and cool your garage. Check out our shop for everything you need to ventilate your garage today properly.