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Did you have a chance to declutter your garage this year? If not, check out our blog on how to do that easily. If your garage is clutter-free, you can move on to the next step by getting organized with some of our best DIY garage storage ideas. There are many benefits to organizing your garage space. The primary benefit is that you can use your garage for what you want, and it can help you feel less stressed and more organized.

How Can I Organize My Garage Cheaply?

We recommend splurging on the important stuff and then finding cheaper and more effective ways to accomplish the rest of your goals for your garage.

If you have expensive tools, toys, vehicles, and hobby equipment, you may need to invest in more expensive storage methods. If this uses up most of your budget, you can get creative and build DIY storage shelves or stack store-bought clear storage containers. 

The best way to do this is to create your priority list and decide what is most important for your garage. From there, you can work your way to a more efficient space.

How Do I Build Simple Garage Storage?

DIYers who have the tools necessary can build customized shelving for very cheaply. This video is a great demonstration of that. If that isn’t in your wheelhouse, opting for stacked, affordable plastic storage bins is another great bargain option. 

How Do I Free Up Space In My Garage?

The best way to free up space in your garage after decluttering is to get stuff off the floor! Hanging storage, shelving, and stacked containers all help with this, but we also have a few original and creative garage storage ideas to maximize your free space.

3-5 Additional Garage Storage Ideas (Great Solutions for Space Issues!)

  • Zones: Create zones for each use, such as hobbies/tools/cleaning/memories.
  • Pegboard: Great way to store tools and small items. With baskets, you can store even more types of things.
  • Magnet Strips: Like the pegboard, you can come up with many ways to use these strips. Originally designed to hold knives in the kitchen, they can hold small tools, or you can get innovative and create almost any storage you need.
  • Slideaway or Folding Table: Tables are helpful but can sometimes take up too much space. Consider hanging a folding table on the wall, creating a drop-down table for occasional use.
  • Pallets: Grab free pallets and use them to store tall items like shovels and rakes or for tall equipment like hockey sticks. You can even attach baskets to the front of these to store more items.
  • Repurpose Household Storage: There are many clever and cheap storage options, like wrapping paper holders, and shoe holders, that can be repurposed in the garage. 

Now that your space is organized and better put together, you can move on to the best part of improving your garage. Make it safe and pleasant to hang out in, work in, or create your dreams. For that, you might need high-quality ventilation. If you plan on using it in the summer or the winter, get a jump on making it comfortable with insulated garage door panels for winter and a cooling fan for summer. We’ve got you covered with valuable garage options in our shop. Vist right away to get your goals accomplished!