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If you’re like most people, you aren’t aware that your garage is telling stories about you, but it is! It turns out, every time that garage door glides up, a statement is being made to the whole neighborhood about you. We’d like to help you create your ideal garage because, the fact is, what your garage style says about you is on display pretty much every day of the week, and especially when you are working or chilling in your garage.

The Top 5 Garage Styles 

  • ‘Life is Busy’ Semi-hoarder Style – Your garage may be messy, but it’s pretty standard for most people. A comfortable garage might make that busy life a lot easier.
  • Super Slick Car Guy Style – This style belongs in a magazine. The whole thing is shiny and crisp. A cool car or two is on display and people audibly “ooh” when they see it.
  • Hobby Hoarder Style – So much life to live and so many hobbies to store in the garage! Problem is, they are hard to get to in this typical, cluttered garage. If you make your garage more comfortable and more organized, you can start enjoying those hobbies.
  • Master of Organization Style – There’s not a hair out of place in this style of garage. It is cool, comfortable, and there is a place for everything and everything in its place. This is the role model of garages.
  • Chill Zone Style – Similar to the Master of Organization style, but there is room to hang and this style is a little less pristine and a little more comfy. Have a seat and work on a project, grab a beer with the neighbors, or clean up the car, whatever you do, you do it in style. There is definitely a fridge in this style of garage.

Personality Traits Based On Garage Organization

Our experts, who have zero knowledge of psychology, are here to find your personality type based on your garage. This is our fun take on personality types based on garage styles. Here’s what we say your garage says about you!

  • Average – A balanced mix of tidy and messy with some organized areas and some cluttered spots. That is par for the course for the Life is Busy style of garage. You can make it better and probably will after seeing –
  • Reserved – A super tidy space where there’s no room for fun and the polar opposite; a super cluttered spot where there’s no room for anyone else. These both indicate a reserved and cautious personality trait. Probably not, though, I mean, chances are you are just creative and smart like the Hobby Hoarders who fit this made up personality type.
  • Self-centered – When it’s all about you, your garage has no room for anyone else and no one else could ever know where anything is! If you tidy up your garage and make a comfortable space for friends and family to help you find things, repair things, or just get the extra toilet paper, then voila, you will no longer be self-centered!
  • Role-model – The ideal garage with storage and hobbies and comfortable spaces. A place you are happy to come home to and where things can get done! You might have a Chill Zone garage style, A Master of Organization garage style, or you might drum to your own rhythm, but no matter what you are a role model and a credit to humanity!

3 Things People With Organized Garages Have In Common

So, we are being silly here, but it is true that having an organized and comfortable garage can improve your life. It is easier to do the things you love to do, to access stored items that you or your family need, and even to socialize with neighbors and friends when you are comfortable in your garage. All kidding aside, in our experience, the 3 things that people with organized garages have in common are:

  1. A good comfortable garage to work in and work on (we can help with that!)
  2. A willingness to spend some time getting things right one time and keeping it maintained over time
  3. A good reason. You need a good reason like wanting to not be stressed out every time your garage door opens, or just wanting to be able to make the most of your garage for things you love to do.

Make your garage comfortable, then organize it, and then reap the many rewards. No matter what your Garage Style or Personality Type, you can shop our Garage and Attic Fans and accessories to create your ideal garage, one that says really good things about you!