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In the big picture, how important is a garage? In terms of homeownership, the truth is, it can be pretty important. We’re not saying it is as necessary as a bathroom or a kitchen, but for many families, the garage adds so much surprising value, it ranks really close. 

There are clear cut benefits to having a garage that we will cover, but first we want to share that some of  the more surprising benefits are especially important to families. Temperature managed garages can store family memories, store family activity items and “toys”, and for many, it can even be a place of connection when you can be inside the garage, working, crafting, organizing, even just watching a game together. That time spent together, doing ordinary or extraordinary things, is what’s really important, no matter where you do it. Now, let’s look at the more quantifiable benefits to having a usable garage.

Why is it Important to Have a Garage?

A usable garage provides important benefits. It creates a safe space and can even provide extra space for many purposes. It offers:

  1. Protection from the weather
  2. Protection from thieves & random damage
  3. Safety of family members returning home
  4. Great storage
  5. Great work space – lots of room for almost any kind of activity
  6. Adds to your home’s value

Does a House Lose Value Without a Garage?

What we know for sure is that a garage adds to a home’s value. Most organizations list it as having 64% – 81% ROI to add a garage to a home, so that is a high rank. What is more subjective is the inverse ;if your home doesn’t have a garage, does it lose value? While it may not dock actual dollars, it is much easier to sell a home with a garage, and here in Arizona, it is a must in almost every neighborhood. 

Do Cars Last Longer in Garages?

The exterior of your car suffers greatly in extreme temperatures. The Arizona sun devastates car paint, and freezing cold means you are having to change the temperature of the fluids to get them working properly. Cars in garages age better than cars left exposed to the elements, the key is you must have good ventilation.

Creating A Comfortable Family Garage 

  • Ventilation. Ventilation is key! It is the basis of a safe and comfortable garage and then you can build from there. 
  • Lighting. Task lighting and general lighting make it a workable space. Dark spaces are not very functional.
  • Flooring. Safe flooring can make a great family garage addition. There are several types of epoxy coatings and enhancements for whatever you need and there is the store bought “puzzle” flooring that can soften the space for gyms, kids play areas, and where you walk frequently.
  • Work Tables. Workspaces for any and all hobbies and tasks, you can’t go wrong adding a solid work table or even a few of them.
  • Shelving & Storage. Good storage makes the space truly useful. If space is at a premium, you can even add shelving that hangs from the ceiling around your garage door opener. There are infinite clever ways to store items in your garage, making it a usable space that does double duty for most American families.

We’ve now seen how incredibly useful a garage is and so we think that means it is important. The most important thing for families is time well spent and that can be inside a good garage when it is optimized. We are proud to offer products that make your garage comfortable and more useful, even in extreme weather like we have in Arizona. Check out our shop for easy ways to make your garage what you know it can be at our online shop.