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What are the essentials for a garage? Space for your car or cars! Yep, that’s the big one, but once you have that all set, how can you make your garage into a multi-functional space that enhances your life? Here are some of what we think are essential, and some things that are just fun based on what type of hobbies and interests you may have. 

What Should a Garage Have: The Basics

Obviously, what is basic for one home, may be extravagant for another, but each of these is important to at least consider for your space to be as useful for you as possible. 

  • Organization. When your space is organized you can make the best use of it, but most garages actually serve double duty as household storage, hobby storage, and hobby space, so good storage is essential. 
  • Power outlets. Your garage should have accessible, safe power outlets in logical places. Extension cords and power strips designed for rugged use are helpful.
  • Lighting, Flooring, and Layout. Not just for looks, you want good lighting, good flooring, and the right layout for safety and functionality.
  • Work benches. A built-in workbench makes the difference in functionality. You can alway add one, or buy a mobile workbench if you prefer. 
  • Sink or access to water nearby. Most of us – have to rely on an outdoor tap for water, but access to water is a big help. You can even buy garden sinks that just attach to a spigot.
  • Garage vacuum. If you do any work at all inside your garage, you may want a hearty work vacuum, which are also great for maintaining cars. 

What Should a Garage Have for Comfort & Year Round Use

Since this is what we do, and since we are based in Arizona, these suggestions really fall into the “Basics” category. Comfort is important everywhere and maximizes the functionality of your space, but if you live in any type of extreme weather environment, you probably agree that these are more like basics. No matter where you live, though, everyone’s garage experience can be improved with these elements.

  • Insulation. Everything from add-on insulation for garage doors to full insulation of the whole space can be helpful. We even offer insulation for specific items, like your water heater, to improve the function of your valuable appliances.
  • Fans. Inline fans can assist your ventilation by pulling hot air up and out and standalone fans can cool your workspace to perfect temps for the work/ leisure activity you are doing in your garage. 
  • Vents. Ventilation of your garage is key for safety *and* for comfort. 

What do I need to organize my garage?

We think you need the right tools and easy-to-install products that will make your garage comfortable so that you can make it perfect. Whether you envision a dream garage or a “make do” garage, at a minimum, you can start with the comfort level inside the garage. 

Here in Arizona, the summer months make the typical garage a torture chamber, so, to keep all your goodies safe, or even just to get started creating that dream garage, we can help you with our fantastic line of products. They will not only make your garage comfortable, but also keep your keepsakes, crafts, and expensive toys (for kids AND adults) safer in a temperature controlled environment. 

Shop our products, everything from easy to install ventilation and insulation to cooling fans to garage vacuums, we’ve got what you need to make the space comfortable so you can make it perfect for you and your family, no matter how you use your garage. Visit https://www.coolmygarage.com/ to learn more about us, or visit our shop to see what products we offer.