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Are you looking for ways to add new services to your business, increase your revenue, and improve your margin? Cool My Garage has the perfect business opportunity to help you increase sales and attract more customers. Whether you have an existing company or are looking to start a new one, becoming a retailer of our highly-rated garage cooling products can make your business boom. 

Create Supplemental Income For Your Existing Business

Adding new revenue streams is a good way to expand your business and grow your profit. When it comes to trade businesses, creating this supplemental income can help out during seasonal lulls and when business is slow. 

Types Of Businesses Who Can Add These Products

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a dealer of one of our highly reviewed GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler is the perfect way to earn new income for your business. Anyone who wants to make more and expand their services can take advantage of this business opportunity. Still, some people might have it easier than others, especially if you work in the following trades. 


If you work as a contractor or remodeler, take advantage of this excellent business opportunity by keeping more of your services under one roof. Selling our garage cooling products will help you to provide services quickly. You’ll also earn more money with this new stream of income.


If you’ve got an HVAC company, becoming a retailer for our products will only enhance the services you already proved. Expand to garage cooling with our fantastic line of garage fans, coolers, and ventilation units. 

Handyman Services

A handyman does a variety of jobs, but if any of those have to do with garage or home ventilation, being able to quickly sell your clients a fantastic ventilation product will increase your sales, and add value for your customers.. 

Other Trades

If you work in garage remodeling or organization, selling the GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler adds an essential component to your services. After all, a successful garage remodel means comfortable temperatures year-round. 

Our Top Products for Resale 

We have a wide array of high-quality garage cooling products. But these three stand out among the rest: 

Why Our Products?

At Cool My Garage, we offer you the opportunity to sell and install any of our top-of-the-line products for cooling garages in hot climates and regulating their internal temperature. 

Cool My Garage also provides comprehensive assistance to all of our wholesale sellers. You won’t be left alone if you’re one of our dealers. We provide all of our resellers with full support that includes installation manuals, warranties, and more.

Becoming a reseller of our products is a turnkey operation that can add incremental sales to your business. Now is your chance to add new products and services to your company. Don’t miss out on this outstanding business opportunity to start earning on day one!

Contact Us to Become A Dealer

If you’re ready to become a dealer and start reselling some of the best garage cooling products on the market, visit our webpage to become a dealer. You can also contact us at 855-431-4326 or email ContactUs@CoolMyGarage.com, and we’ll provide you with more information. With a call today, you can start selling by tomorrow. 

We look forward to working with you!