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The front yard and the inside of your home don’t have to be the only places that you decorate for the holidays. Decorating your garage for the holidays can be fun, too! Whether it’s creating Santa’s Workshop inside your garage or decking out the garage door with decorations and lights, you should absolutely look into decorating your garage this holiday season. 

Holiday Decorations for Your Garage

The holiday decorations you use for your garage depend on the holiday you’re celebrating and where you plan to decorate. You’ll use different things if you’re decorating on the inside versus the outside of your garage. Here’s a list of some things you might need: 

  • Lights
  • Wreaths
  • Fake Candles
  • Magnets
  • Presents
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Fake Snow
  • Light Projectors
  • Statues
  • Nutcrackers 
  • Food

How Can I Decorate My Garage for Christmas? 

There are a lot of fun ways to decorate your garage for Christmas. Here are some of our best ideas: 

Santa’s Workshop

Looking to go all out for the holidays? Transform the inside of your garage to a version of Santa’s workshop. Include elves, Santa Claus, and plenty of presents. You could even add in some fake snow. This would be a great idea for a kid’s party. You might also consider dressing up as Santa yourself and having everyone tell you just what they want for Christmas. 

Lights, Lights, Lights! 

You can never go wrong decorating with lights at Christmas. Fix string lights to the roof and walls of your garage to give it a holiday flair. You could also hang them from the ceiling inside your garage to create a holiday ambience indoors. To create a more romantic feeling, install battery-operated “candles” in the windows of your garage or along the driveway. 

Holiday Wrapping Station

You’re going to need somewhere to wrap all those presents! Set up some tables with bows, wrapping paper, tape, and more to create the perfect Christmas gift wrapping station. This is a great idea if you’re trying to hide presents from kids, too. Invite friends over, and you can even have a wrapping party! 

Garage Door Magnets

If you have a metal garage door, you could make great use of Christmas-themed magnets. Stick these onto your garage door to embrace the Christmas spirit and share it with passersby. 

Christmas Dinner Space

If you’ve got a large group of people coming over for the holidays, they might not all fit in your dining room. One innovative option you have is to use your garage to host Christmas dinner. Decorate it with a Christmas tree, flameless candles, garland, and more. Cover up anything hanging on the walls with white sheets that can double as “snow.” To top it off, play some Christmas music in the background and roll in a TV with a virtual fireplace to make your Christmas dinner as cozy as can be. 

How to Store Decorations in A Garage 

Garage storage is of year-round importance, not just something to pay attention to during the holidays. That being said, organizing your holiday decorations is a great first step to improving your garage’s storage. 

Efficient garage decoration storage includes plastic bins, shelving units, and bubble wrap. You should be extra careful with any delicate items such as glass ornaments. You should also avoid storing any fabric items, food decorations, or candles in your garage. These items won’t withstand the variety of temperatures in your garage throughout the year, so it’s best to keep them in a stable and dry environment. 

To learn more about proper garage storage, check out our post on What NOT to Store In Your Garage.