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Minimalism has been rising in popularity over the last few years. It’s expanded to home decor, wardrobes, and now it’s even spread to garage design. Several homeowners have decided to take a minimalist approach when finishing their garages. And it makes sense that this trend is taking off. Minimalist garages are sleek, functional, stylish, and attractive…what more could a person want in their garage? If you’re thinking of taking your garage into a minimalist design, read on to learn more.

What is Minimalist Design?

A minimalist design is all about clean lines, no clutter, simplicity, monochromatic colors, and functionality. Minimalist spaces are meant to work well, look good, and be simple. There is no clutter, and color is sparingly used. It’s no-nonsense, which makes it perfect for your garage design. 

Is Minimalism A Trend?

Minimalism is absolutely a big trend right now. It’s taken off as Millennials and Gen Z’ers have declared their preference to spend money on experiences rather than things. It’s also a reaction to the environmentalist movement. Having more things generally means a larger carbon footprint. So, having less has become on trend. Nowadays, making do and looking stylish while doing it with very little is the most impressive thing someone can do. 

How Do You Build a Minimalist Garage? 

To build a minimalist garage, you’ll want to keep several things in mind, including color, functionality, and decoration. Here are some of our best tips for building a minimalist garage:

  • Use neutral colors. Neutral tones like black, white, gray, beige, and brown are all minimalist colors that you can use in your minimalist garage remodel. Loud colors are not minimalist, and they should be avoided when trying to use a minimalist design. If you want to add some character, focus on different textures and stylish storage over bright colors and patterns.  
  • Remember: less is more. If you find yourself asking “Do I really need this?” when designing your minimalist garage, the answer is probably no. Remember, minimalism is about simplicity. That means your garage should only include the necessary. 
  • Storage, storage, storage. It’s no secret that people need to fill their garages with things like tools, bikes, skis, seasonal decoration, and more. The good news is that you don’t need to throw these things away in order to have a minimalist garage! All you need to do is invest in some modern, stylish, and highly functional storage. Consider wall mounting or large wall lockers. 
  • Declutter. If we haven’t said it enough, we are now. The first step to having a minimalist space is to remove clutter. Use all that nice, new storage to put things away. You should also be sure to throw things out if they’re no longer useful and put items back in their place once you’re finished using them.
  • Space is okay. Maybe large, empty spaces in your garage will bother you. You might even feel like you need to fill it with something. But in minimalism, open space like this is okay, and it’s actually encouraged. Leaving open spaces intentionally is a characteristic of minimalist design. So don’t worry about large empty spaces in your garage. Instead, embrace it! 

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