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Do you have a shop, workout area, or living space in your garage and hate suffering through the unbearable heat of the summer? If you do, you’ve probably thought once or twice about getting a garage fan. Garage fans are a great tool for helping to keep your garage temperature at a comfortable level, especially during the hotter weather. 

Some people think that installing a garage cooling fan is complicated and difficult. But, it’s actually so much easier than you think! Our GF-14 Garage Fan & Attic Cooler is easy to install and does a fantastic job at cooling your garage. In this post, we’ll be talking all about the straightforward installation process for the GF-14 and look at what other customers have said after installing theirs. 

Overview of Installation

Installing the GF-14 is a simple and easy process — you can get the job done in under three hours! In this section, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to install a GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler. The first thing to consider is that installing the fan requires at least 1.5 square feet of intake ventilation, which is how the will circulate.  

Next, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Choose where you want to install the fan.
  2. Trace a square in the area using a framing template.
  3. Cut out the opening using a drywall saw, following the lines from the square. 
  4. Place the fan in the drywall hole. 
  5. Connect the fan to a power source. 
  6. Attach the fan to the wall using included mounting brackets. 
  7. Test the fan operation by taking a lighter and heating up the thermostat to see that it starts right up.

As you can see, installing a garage fan is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. You just need the correct tools and the right attitude! For a more detailed look at GF-14 garage fan installation, take a look at the full installation manual

Customer Testimonials 

If you’re still not convinced that installing the GF-14 garage fan is easy, why not take a look at what some of our customers have said? Here are some direct quotes from past buyers:

  • “Easy to install, testing worked exactly as described.”
  • “Works great!”
  • “Very impressed with the product and company. I was totally surprised to find EVERYTHING I needed for installation came in the delivery.”
  • “Very easy to install.”
  • “Fan took my daughter and I  2 ½ hours to install. Very pleased everything we needed was in the delivery, right down to the Romex!”

Our satisfied customers also pointed out how quiet and effective the fan is. That means it will keep you cool without causing too much noise. 

The GF-14 Garage Fan & Attic Cooler

If you’re interested in keeping your garage cool this summer, you should consider investing in a garage fan to tame those high temperatures. Our GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler is one of our most highly reviewed and best-selling products. It has been the number one original garage fan and attic cooler in the United States for the past 10 years. Plus, it comes with everything you need for an easy installation. Check it out today, along with our other garage cooling projects, at our website.