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As homeowners, we are often reminded to insulate the interior of our homes. It is important to insulate the garage too. Garage doors are a weak barrier to outside air temperatures, creating a “hole” in the insulated space. That is why garage door insulation is so important. Keeping the garage cool with exhaust fans and other options can be less effective if major air leaks are leaving through the garage door.

As someone who spends time working in the garage, you know, it can easily be 10-25 degrees hotter in a garage in spring and summer. This can create problems. Not only is that a bear to work in but it can be dangerous if you have flammable items stored in your garage. And, a garage that is too hot will cost you money. Let’s find out who your new three friends are to combat the heat and cool your garage.

3 Ways to Control the Temperature in Your Garage

Since air leaks and breaches are not okay and the solutions are simple let’s introduce your three new friends. They include fans, ventilation, and insulation. These simple solutions will soon be your besties.  

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Consider a fan and a ventilation or cooling system for your garage if you don’t have one yet.  And super important – insulation. Maybe your garage doors were put in before you bought the home, but now you know you need to insulate them. Ventilation systems in your garage will greatly help circulation and redirect hot air to your attic.

And lastly, you can add insulation, doorstop weather stripping and a new bottom seal to your existing door to gain some savings and comfort. You can complete the entire job yourself and save money.

How to Insulate Garage Doors

Your home’s foundation and driveways move and shift over time. This can result in the garage door not having a proper seal. 

Here are steps to cool your garage through insulation.

  1. Measure, mark and install the retainer pins.
  2. Cut the insulation batting.
  3. Lock the batting in place with retaining caps.
  4. Mount the doorstop weather stripping.
  5. Readjust to accommodate door movement.
  6. Install a new bottom seal.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Garage Door Insulation

Or, even better our DIY kit saves energy and dresses up any garage door! America’s Best Garage Door Reflective Insulation Panels will reflect 97% of the radiant heat coming into your garage. Our precut panels are taped into place with the high temperature, aggressive adhesive mounting tape that is provided. A nice white poly interior finish is bright and easy to clean. Simple and efficient. Way easier than all that messy insulation.

Now that you know these three methods, which one do you want to bring to your garage today? Insulating your garage door to protect your garage and all its belongings is key.  We know you are now an expert on garage door insulation, next step is to contact us to help you with products that will cool and ventilate your garage and insulate your garage doors. You spend valuable time working in the garage, so insulating that garage door can help cool down your space. Fans. Ventilation. Insulation. Check out all the ways we can help you with products to cool your garage at Coolmygarage.com/shop.