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Did you know you can cool and ventilate a garage by simply installing a ceiling-mounted garage fan? How cool is that? Well, very. And it is also fairly simple to install. If you like to do DIY projects that reap a lot of benefits, this is one to put on the top of your list. 

We all have been in a hot and stuffy garage and wished it would cool down. Well, maybe you didn’t know there was a solution that would not break the bank. A ceiling-mounted garage fan can be both neat and practical.

Two Benefits in One

Not only will you cool down your garage, but you will get some needed airflow into your garage. You can minimize the poor air quality and cool your garage by as much as 20 degrees by installing a garage fan. Working in a hot, stuffy garage can be unhealthy for you.. Perhaps this is just the motivation you have been needing.  By installing a fan in your garage you could lower your energy bill by up to 40% by proper insulation and ventilation. That’s what we call two for the price of one.

Can I Really Install A Ceiling Fan By Myself?

Well, we are guessing that since you are reading this, then you are a master at trying new things. And most DIYers will find they can do this without an electrician. There are a few, crucial steps to prevent any damage to you or your home and garage, so be sure you are comfortable with working with electrical systems. And if you are also lucky enough to have the electrical box in the joist in the center of your garage ceiling, then mount your ceiling fan to it. And head to Vegas because this is like winning the Ceiling Fan lottery. If not, never fear, just install a support bar that is rated for fan support.

Garage Cooling Options

We all like options. Cooling your garage can seem overwhelming, but there is a range of solutions from super simple to quite elaborate. Depending on your budget you can choose from these options.

  1. A simple oscillating household box fan. You know them. They are usually white or gray, lightweight, box or square in shape, and available at most hardware and home improvement stores.
  2. A ceiling garage fan. There are multiple considerations for the size and style of your ceiling garage fan. Safety listed for humidity and efficiency ratings are important considerations.
  3. A high-powered box fan. Box fans come in varying sizes. And, the high-powered or high-velocity types will come with industrial-strength blades and a ball-bearing motor.
  4. Air conditioning. As you can imagine, this option has some benefits for the ultimate cooling control. But unless your garage is well insulated and your budget is endless, this option is available.
  5. Ceiling Mounted Garage Fan. These may seem daunting to install but can be the best of both worlds. Practical, sleek, and affordable. 

Garage Fan Placement Decisions

There are a couple more decisions to be made. Ideal placement and position for how box fans will cool your garage are here: One fan needs to be lower than the other on one side of the open garage door. Then position the second fan a couple of feet higher, blowing outward. This will bring the cool air in.

In the end, we all want things to be chill, right? To be inspired to work in well-ventilated and cool garages? Happy garage, happy DIYer. If that’s you, we hope you will look at another way to cool a garage – the GF-14 Garage Fan & Attic Cooler. The GF-14 Garage Fan is a ceiling-mounted garage fan that can be installed and connected to your ventilation system and will begin improving your garage airflow in no time. A ceiling garage fan can help with air movement and feeling cooler so you can work well in your garage. Work well. Live well. All is well again in the world.