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If you love working in your garage but you avoid it in the winter because it is too cold, there are a number of options to warm your garage in winter. You can stay toasty warm with heating options for your garage.  While we talk about cooling garages, we also want to address ways to stay warm in your garage during winter. Some garages can get pretty chilly in an unheated and poorly insulated garage.

So, let’s stay happy and work in our garage shops and with the heating options available. The first move is to properly insulate the garage and the garage door. At Cool My Garage, you’ll find garage door insulation.  Here are  3 ways to warm your garage for winter:

  1. Electric 
  2. Propane or 
  3. Natural gas

Let’s break the heating decisions down some more:

  • Electric garage heaters – Some models tend to overheat if turned on for more than an hour. Others may not have enough power to heat a larger garage, or they didn’t allow you to control the temperature. But, they can produce a consistent amount of superheated air or radiant/infrared heat. Although they may not provide the best level of heating over a large area, they work well in small to medium spaces. 
  • Propane heaters – Running out of propane will send you running out in the cold for more propane. So not terribly ideal for this reason, but has other economic and efficiency benefits.
  • Gas Heaters – You will need to run a gas line which may be cost-prohibitive upfront. But, selecting this type that is powered by clean natural gas will save you money in the long run and will provide you with a massive amount of superheated air, and is eco-friendly, too.
  • Wood and pellet stoves – You may not have thought of this option, but for some, it is the right blend of cost and effectiveness. Wood stoves must be installed on a fireproof surface and a concrete garage slab is ideal. They are available in a range of sizes and heating capacities, and consulting a wood stove dealer can ensure you choose the right stove for your needs.
  • Ceiling-mounted radiant heaters – This type provides uniform warmth from the evenly heated ceiling surface. And maybe a good use of limited space in a garage or shop.
  • Portable forced-air units – These gas-fired forced-air garage heaters require venting and some models provide easy electronic ignition, a fuel shutoff device, an adjustable thermostat, and automatic overheat shutoff.
  • Tank-top sunflower heaters – Tank-top sunflower heaters, not a clothing style, but rather are a great source for economical and reliable heat and are propane-fueled. A very worthy option.

Low-cost options that take up little space is key. Garage and workshop heaters are manufactured to meet the special heating needs of these harder-to-heat areas because they offer high output heat in large spaces. Garage heaters usually act as spot heaters since the garage isn’t suitable for ambient heating.

What you need depends on the space you are trying to heat and what kind of fuel you prefer. There are also ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and portable spot heaters for you to heat your garage on those chilly winter days and nights. Staying cozy and warm in your garage is a distinct possibility and there are many easy, affordable ways you can winterize your garage.