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We are proud to announce our newest addition to our garage solutions.


Live Life To The Fullest

Do you feel like your unorganized garage holds you back from doing what you love? Monkey Bar Storage is committed to the quality of your life by not only bringing you the best products, but the best solutions in garage storage systems and organization to help you live your life to the fullest.

With simple and effective garage storage solutions, you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love while protecting what you own. An organized life is a fulfilling life. We want to help you harmonize your life today by organizing your garage with Monkey Bars garage storage systems.

Grab your gear and go!

Garages are typically used as oversize storage units with a bunch of stuff in them amounting to a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in worth. While the more expensive assets, the vehicles, are parked outside, exposed to the elements and subject to theft and damage.

The patented Monkey Bars shelf rack system works hard to help you get your cars back into the garage, and also makes your things more easily accessible. This is done by more effectively using the garage space you have. The shelf rack was designed to separate your belongings by placing long-term storage on the shelf way, while items you use frequently hang on the rack below.

Our buying power will give you the best price around.

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