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I installed the Aluminum Intake Air Vents

along with the GF-14 Garage Fan and I cannot believe the air flow I get here in my Florida Home.  The upgrade to the new vents was a great choice. They look great and the air flow through them is amazing. I have gotten inquiries as to where I purchased them from my neighbors and friends. I love the way they bring in extra light and air into the garage also, with or without the fan running. I found that the garage is at least 10/15 degrees cooler now. The attic is surprisingly cooler with the thermostat set at 105 degrees. I have enclosed pictures of the vents installed and air flow, white paper, that is drawn into the garage with fan running. I have gotten more comfortable with the unit running and cycling ,on/off, since the install, quiet and efficient. Great choice for a cooler garage and attic. Thank You again for your help and suggestions for this purchase.

Here are some pictures of the product in action.

IMG_0028 IMG_0025

If you want to cool your garage call Ray.

I would recommend the GF-14 Garage Fan to anyone in the USA and wants to cool their garage.

Tony C, The Villages, FL.