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We are pleased to announce our custom manufactured through the wall intake vent for our popular Garage Fans.

Does You Garage Feel Like An Oven During Summer Months?  More importantly Can You Guess What The US EPA says is the most significant source of indoor air quality health hazards in the home is?

It’s Your Attached Garage!  Car exhaust contains deadly, dangerous and even many cancer causing particles that can find their way into your home when the garage door is opened.  By installing a ventilation fan, on the wall opposite to the door leading into your home, you will greatly reduce the potential for toxic car fumes from entering your home.

The GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler is designed to mount in the ceiling of the garage, venting to the attic. Properly-sized intake vents are mounted in the garage door taking in outside ambient air. The GF-14 moves 1350 cubic feet per minute, enough air to pressurize a typical attic relative to the house forcing the superheated attic air out the attic vents, which may include gable vents, ridge vents, dormer vents, whirly vents, etc.

An adjustable thermostat allows homeowners to decide when the GF-14 should activate for their particular climate or season.

In compliance with local building codes, garages have 5/8 inch fire-rated drywall and a self-closing fire-rated entry door. The GF-14 has a fire damper that automatically closes in the event of a garage fire keeping the flames out of the attic. And the self lubricating, continuous duty fan motor stops so it doesn’t feed a garage fire with air.

The GF-14 Will Require 1.8 square feet net free of intake/exhaust ventilation so one of our through the wall intake vents is all that is required.

Our Through the wall vent is made from aluminum and will not rust. A bee screen prevents any incests from entering your home through the air intake vent.

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