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February 26, 2014 by Mike Medford

If you would like a cooler garage and attic to help save you money, you’ll like this product from CoolMyGarage.com which we install for our clients. It is a fan that we mount in the ceiling of the garage. It runs on a thermostat, and turns itself on when the garage temperature reaches the temperature you set. The outside air at near ground level is pulled into the garage though intake vents, then goes through the fan and into the attic which pushes the super-heated air in your attic out the attic vents.

attic cooler

Moving air through your garage and attic can cool the garage as much as 20 degrees, and the attic as much as 40 degrees. The garage and attic are like ovens attached to your house. Cooling them with moving air will make it easier to cool the inside of your home, which makes your home more comfortable and saves you money!

cooling diagram

To learn more about how moving air cools your attic, read this blog.

Saving money on energy is a double-Green thing to do!