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Ray,  I’m very pleased with the service and follow-up I received from CoolMyGarage.com.

Initially, I was undecided between “going solar” and the electric GF-14. However, I chose the GF-14 to make use of the existing garage/attic structure and it’s venting design.   After determining that I would need TWO roof mounted solar units, I compared the GF-14 and found it has a superior air flow and will push the hot air out through the attic vents.

Frankly, it’s a bit late in the season here in Florida to realize any obvious change in garage temperature, but a good, steady air flow tells me that I can look forward to a cooler garage when the weather gets balmy.  A neighbor, who had a GF-14 installed last summer, tells me a cooler attic and lower air conditioning costs should coordinate with that also.

I also ordered the optional premium aluminum grilles for the garage door and have enclosed pictures to show how they look (Great!).

Installation was done by a local contractor, and went very quickly and smoothly.  All in all a great experience by “America’s Best” . . . which, by the way, is another plus – it’s American Made!

E. Britton – Ocala, Florida

Garage Door Intake Grilles for GF-14 Garage Fan

Premium Aluminum Grille Custom Manufactured By Coolmygarage.com

16x8 AG

Premium Aluminum Grille Custom Manufactured By Coolmygarage.com