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Are you looking to put an end to those dark rooms in your home? One of the quickest and easiest ways to light up that room is by installing a tubular skylight. In less than two hours you will have a nice light and bright room filled with the beauty of natural light. And, it is not costly! The 10” tubular skylight is very effective (300 watts) in lighting up bathrooms, master closets, hallways, laundry rooms and kitchens. The tubular skylights that we sell offer options such as light kits for evening lighting, a combined skylight ventilation system for a bathroom, and yes, even a damper system to block the light out if you so desire. Solar light is free, take advantage of this and state tax incentives and we will install your skylight today.

Daylight, the natural light, in homes is very beneficial. Our skylight does NOT bring in harmful UV light that could fade carpets or upholstery, but let in the natural light that is healthy for all of us. Letting natural light into your home through a tubular skylight can make you more comfortable to read or see in your home during the day, and happier as your body absorbs the natural light that it needs to process nutrients as well as improve your mood. Installing a tubular skylight into your master closet can help you see the true colors of your clothes, helping you avoid that embarrassing situation of wearing one black sock and one blue sock to work! Let natural light bring out the true beauty of your home décor.

Perhaps you need to your old plastic leaking skylight fixed. We replace the plastic bubble with a new Velux dual pane LoE Glass that stops the heat and pays for it self the first year in energy savings alone. Make the call and “Let America’s Best Light Up Your Life!”